Voiceovers by Kevin Pierce
Selected medical voiceovers

Scripts for medical or scientific topics are challenging, and benefit tremendously from a voiceover talent who has experience with them:
Precision -- Those who hear the finished product will be using the information to make important decisions (doctors, nurses, EMTs, firemen) ... The instructions better have been communicated well!
Pronunciation -- If the audience includes people who know what a paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia is, the voiceover talent needs to at least give the appearance that he knows, too. Plus, someone who is pronunciation-ready provides a much cleaner final product that doesn't require a pick-up edit every few seconds.
Interpretation -- A voiceover talent who really understands the points to be communicated is much better suited to getting those points noted, using voice inflection, emphasis and pacing.

Medical Instructional Video

Case Studies in Prehospital Care (Mosby; 20 program series -- On-camera & narration)

HAZMAT! for EMS (Mosby Video Publishing; 3 program series -- On-camera and narration)

Hands On! Skills Series (Mosby Video Publishing; 10 program series)

Street Medicine (Mosby Video Publishing; 9 program series)

Learning ECGs: Electrocardiograms (Mosby Video Publishing; 10 program series)

ACLS Skills: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Mosby Video Publishing; 8 program series)

PALS Plus: Pediatric Advanced Life Support (Mosby Video Publishing; 3 program series)

PALS Plus: Pediatric Emergencies (Mosby Video Publishing; 3 program series)

ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support Update (Mosby Video Publishing)

EZ ECGs: Electrocardiograms (Mosby Video Publishing)

Pass EMT: Emergency Medical Technician (Mosby Video Publishing)

Pass Paramedic (Mosby Video Publishing)

Pass ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support! (Mosby Video Publishing)

Pass CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Mosby Video Publishing)

Cardiovascular Nursing (National Educational Video, Inc.)

Medical Interactive CD-ROM

Pass EMT (Mosby Publishing -- On-camera & narration)

Pass Paramedic (Mosby Publishing -- On-camera & narration)

Medical Instructional Audiotape

Detailed Anatomy and Physiology (Post Graduate Medical Review Education; 12 program series)

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