Voiceovers by Kevin Pierce
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In addition to real-time voiceovers via ISDN codec, we can also send CD-quality voiceovers on the Internet. For complete details, plus links to the software you'll need, check out our Internet Audio Primer.

If you already have a RealAudio player, you can listen to the voiceover clips below in CD-quality RealAudio format by clicking the .ra link. Note: These RealAudio files are too "hi-fi" for immediate streaming; Your player will have to store them before they play.

Selected commercial and narration excerpts

(average download times are about one minute):


MEDICAL -- Corporate mp3 .ra
MEDICAL -- Traditional announcer mp3 .ra
AUTOMOTIVE -- High-energy, Excitement mp3 .ra
AUTOMOTIVE -- Laid-back mp3 .ra
FOOD/BEVERAGE -- Warm, Picture-painting mp3 .ra
COMMUNICATIONS -- Upbeat, Medium-sell mp3 .ra
EDUCATION -- Real guy, Conversational mp3 .ra
FINANCIAL -- Friendly, Sincere mp3 .ra
RETAIL -- Energy, Excitement mp3 .ra
FINANCIAL -- Corporate, Authoritative mp3 .ra
TRAVEL -- Corporate, Traditional announcer mp3 .ra
POLITICAL -- Aggressive, Commanding mp3 .ra
RETAIL -- Two-person, Conversational, Dialogue mp3 .ra


NATURE -- Documentary, Authoritative mp3 .ra
REAL ESTATE -- Lifestyle, Warm mp3 .ra
DEFENSE CONTRACTOR -- Technical, Scientific mp3 .ra
TRAVEL/NATURE -- Warm, Friendly mp3 .ra
PETROLEUM/CHEMICAL -- Corporate mp3 .ra
TRAVEL/NATURE -- Documentary, Mysterious mp3 .ra
FINANCIAL -- Corporate, Authoritative mp3 .ra
RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT -- Corporate mp3 .ra
MEDICAL -- Scientific, Instruction, Training mp3 .ra


VARIOUS -- Television episodics, Radio sweepers mp3 .ra

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